VR 360 Video Discovery Dinosaurs Story For Kid Television Program

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VR 360 video dinosaurs story film 3D animated for kids for yours , now can see on You Tube Channel.
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Dinosaurs Film TV Series Episode " What They Are Eating " Part 01

Film Series The Dance Dinosaurs.
Episode        : What They Are Eating
Produced by : Space 3D Animation Studio
Genre           : Kids, Children and Family Channel
Type             : Storytelling Film

Storytelling began : 

Selly   : Mother ...... please let me know about food of dinosaurs
Mrs Cindy ( Mother ) :  Explain about carnivore and herbivore dinosaurs

OK ....... see on video
Throughout the dinosaur era, groups of dinosaurs were made up of plant-eaters (herbivores) and meat-eaters (carnivores).
Different dinosaurs had different feeding habits. Giant herbivorous dinosaurs, such as the sauropods, munched high in the treetops.
Smaller plant-eaters were well adapted for chomping on lower level plants, or grazing on ground cover.
Large predators, and medium sized hunters, tended to eat the meat of other dinosaurs.
Smaller meat-eaters ate animals such as lizards, and insects.

Film TV Series The Giant Dinosaurs Part 01 and 02 - 3D Animation

Title Film        :  TV Series " The Dance Dinosaurs "
Type                : 3D Animated Serial Film
Genre              : Kids, Children and Family Movie
TV Program    : Kids , Children and Education
Episode           : The Giant Dinosaurs
Production by :  Space 3D Animation Studio
Format            : HD TV ( 16 : 9 ) and Wide Screen PAL
Audio              : Stereo
Producer          : Eddy Harjanto
Language         : English
Film Type        : Storytelling Film Series

Sinopsis Episode The Giant Dinosaurs Part 02  : 
Apatos name of giant dinosaurs on jurassic era. They are move from forest , because forest burn. One of group dinosaurs is Gallimimus. Gallimimus is The Dance of Dinosaurs ........ its Funny. What about carnivore dino ......... The Raptor

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